• Promote economic development and job growth.
  • Continue the good work on the 32nd Street Corridor, and try to replicate along other significant corridors in the district such as 19th Avenue and Cave Creek Road.
  • Continue to find ways to cut wasteful spending.
  • Continue to find ways to make processes easier for residents and businesses.
  • Invest in public safety to protect our residents and increase community involvement and awareness.
  • Work on creative ways to maintain and improve our infrastructure. Services such as water, gas, electricity are becoming increasingly more expensive to provide. I am committed to finding ways to deliver these services while continuing to explore ways to keep costs down.
  • Ensure that District 3 gets its fair share of funds from Proposition 104 to improve our roads and public bus system.
  • Protect our community centers and parks.
  • Encourage more volunteer work to help our city.