Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark facilitated the creation of Block Programs in Sunny Slope and North 32nd Street neighborhoods to create block watches.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark led the effort created the Gated Alley Pilot. Program to stop littering and loitering in the neighborhood of Royal Palms And Sunnyslope. 

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark, along with Councilwoman Thelda Williams and Councilman Jim Waring, established the accelerated pavement maintenance program in the City of Phoenix.

Check MarkAfter years of conflict in Moon Valley, Councilwoman Stark finalized the solution that got 2 golf courses off potable (drinking water) and onto alternative water source.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark successfully pushed for an additional $5 million of federal CARES dollars that immediately made it possible for local businesses continue to operate.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark worked with local State Legislators to establish and adopt State guidelines to protects residents and neighbors living or adjacent to Sober Living Homes in District 3 and around the City of Phoenix.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark continues to demand building infrastructure is done in a way that will always protect our water supply.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark worked with Public Safety to find solutions including a traffic safety program that reduces speeding and red light running incidents to protect the community.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark leads the effort establishing the Phoenix CARES program that addresses the issues of abandoned encampments across District 3.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark continues to work with developers of Paradise Valley Mall, making sure that redevelopment is accomplished while ensuring protection of our neighborhoods around mall and surrounding area.

Check MarkCouncilwoman Stark negotiated a gift from Phoenix Suns Charities and local business that provided for capital improvement of the Sunnyslope and Shadow Mountain Senior Centers.